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coffee morning

Coffee Mornings
Every month the Community Centre Trust holds a coffee morning for residents. This is a great way to allow residents to get together easily without having to leave the village. As well as being a social event it allows us to connect with the community & let them know what’s happening with the building. The morning’s include drinks, cakes, games, a raffle & a quiz and last for 2 hours. So far each morning has raised over £100 each since they started in December 2016!
Keep your eyes peeled for the next one by checking out our ‘Latest News’ section.

We regularly receive donations from residents who wish to see the Old School restored to its former glory. It’s wonderful to know that the residents are fully behind the restoration of this beautiful building & are willing to contribute to it’s future.

Smarties Tubessmarties
This was a novel idea which has really taken off! Our Vice-Chairman Margaret Stewart began handing out Smarties tubes to the community which they could fill full of 20ps once the chocolate was eaten. The idea really caught on & we were inundated with tubes returned full of money. We’ve also received much larger containers back since with pound coins in. It’s all appreciated so much.

communityCommunity Support
The community of Charnock Richard is fantastic, charity events are held regularly & we’ve been very lucky to be chosen as the charity for the annual Christmas Bingo in recent years. The Parish Council have also openly supported us by providing annual donations & offering to provide a sizeable donation & a community loan once a successful funding bid is approved for the restoration work.

Bids & Grants
approvedThe bulk of the restoration money which we need is from successful funding bids & grants from historical charities. These aren’t easy to obtain & we have made amazing progress with local fundraising which now gives us a head start on applying for these larger donations. If you hear of any charities which are offering grants to charities please let us know.

If you would like to make a donation or support the Community Centre Trust in any way
please contact Margaret Stewart via